9 Desalination plants to be built by Saudi Arabia Government

According to Saudi Arabia’s Environment Minister, plans are being made for the construction of building 9 desalination plants for more than USD 530 million (approx. 2 billion riyals) on the coast of Red Sea.

These plants will have a capacity of 240,000 cubic meters of water per day. The construction of these plants is supposed to be completed within the next 18 months.

This project was proposed by King Salman in a Royal Decree to help government-owned Saudi Saline Water Conversion Corp. (SWCC) raise production efficiency and cut operating as well as capital costs. The details about the funding have not yet been disclosed.

In 2016, Saudi Arabia had planned to use public-private partnerships (PPP) with local and foreign companies to fund various infrastructure projects.

By August, it said that Saudi Arabia would develop resorts on about 50 Red Sea islands, completing the first phase of the project – which is backed by its Public Investment Fund (PIF) – in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Source: Arab News

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