Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals

Roadmap for Africa’s revitalisation and future growth outlined in landmark book by leading expert who demands that Africans must lead the transformational charge and profit first from their nation’s burgeoning energy sector.

Energy can and must work better for Africans. This is the call to arms by leading energy expert NJ Ayuk as he lays out his comprehensive strategy for making the oil and gas industry the fundamental mechanism in revolutionising Africa.

Blessed with almost unrivalled natural resources, Africa has historically struggled to harness its tremendous powerhouse so that it benefits first and foremost as a continent. The energy industry is complex and its operations must be heavily scrutinised. All too often African nations have lost autonomy within the sector, outsourcing resources to other countries only to have to buy them back at a higher prices. Energy is an industry which has, in the past, been beset by scandal and controversy. Despite having some of the largest coal capacities in the world, millions are still without power in Africa.

So how did Africa get here and what logistically can come next? How do African countries and communities get the most value from their resources? What can African leaders do to put their countries on a sustainable, profitable path? And how can all parties involved win in Africa’s energy deals over the coming decades? Translating his experiences into a practical plan that can be used to help Africa grown, Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals sees NJ Ayuk offer meaningful routes to change, practical solutions, radical re-thinking of the industry’s operational outreach, and real opportunity for Africans themselves through development and job creation. Ayuk expertly argues the case for greater female empowerment in energy, better governance and more responsive national oil companies. He points the way to a more powerful African presence on the world stage through African OPEC membership and through energy value chain development, whilst examining the significant role that America plays both in Africa’s present and its future. He calls on leaders and investors to engage with Africa, to sign deals and build success in this complex business.

NJ Ayuk is a dreamer, but his blueprint for African vitality and advancement is underpinned by a realistic understanding and framing of the energy sector in Africa, backed by evidence and experience. With a foreword by OPEC Secretary General Mohammad Barkindo, Billions is essential reading for economists, governments, entrepreneurs, business leaders and the energy sector. His mission statement is clear: Billions is about helping to achieve the African Dream.

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