Vietjet to venture into cargo business in Malaysia

In order to enhance and further develop its cargo network, the new-age carrier Vietjet is pleased to announce that its subsidiary and cargo arm, Vietjet Cargo is opening a tender for a cargo General Sales Agent (GSA) in Kuala Lumpur and is inviting companies to bid for the first time in Malaysia on February 2020.

The GSA will be responsible for all the commercial activities for sales, marketing and promotion on Vietjet’s flight network connecting to over 400 flights daily covering more than 140 destinations across Vietnam and internationally such as Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, etc. which includes a daily flight from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City.

The GSA will also be actively controlling the pricing policy and space management, working with the cargo warehouse and ground handling agency, supervising the operations, maximizing the uplifted cargo and securing the service level commitment to clients directly.

Nguyen Thanh Son, Vietjet Vice President, said: “At Vietjet, we believe in diversification to create sustainable business prospects. Following the establishment of Vietjet Cargo in 2014, we have independently and strategically developed and grown demand for air cargo services in Vietnam in addition to our main function as a commercial airline. Today, we have grown internationally, taking the necessary steps to expand our cargo business to the Malaysian market.

To-date, Vietjet has transported nearly 100 million passengers in Vietnam with a fleet of 80 Airbus aircraft, comprising the Airbus A320/A321 aircraft, a world-class high-tech airplane in the aviation industry, with a capacity of four to five tons of cargo per flight and more.

Moving forward, Vietjet will continue to work towards the establishment of its subsidiaries in the aviation industry worldwide, bringing a wide range of services and business opportunities to potential partners not only in Malaysia, but also in other countries while expanding Vietjet’s flight network globally.

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