Vietnam’s tourism landscape is changing for good

Vietnam is gradually climbing the charts of tourism and is creating ripples with cutting-edge technology and mind blowing attractions. Earlier the country lacked in terms of amusement parks and other enhanced features, and failed to take full advantage of its natural beauty. It started losing both domestic and international visitors who went somewhere else to seek world-class entertainment and experience luxury tourism. Now, the country has energised tourist spots enhanced with high-end architecture, theme park, and cable cars.

Vietnam is also gradually experiencing boost in investment, which has eventually promoted the region in a good way. If records are to go by, Vietnam has already recorded 6 million visits during the initial first four months of this year, and it is expected that the number might likely touch 18 million visits by the end of 2019.

Furthermore, Vietnamese National Administration of Tourism posted that this year Vietnam has registered an increase of 7.6 per cent as compared to last year. In fact, new infrastructure and investment has given new lease to many popular spots in Vietnam, which earlier had very little to offer in terms of entertainment.

As money started pouring in, Vietnam leveraged its pristine natural beauty, i.e., beautiful landscapes, calm beaches, and majestic mountains to lure international tourists. Another reason that has contributed to the growth of tourism in Vietnam is Vietnamese people have now started travelling more than they ever did in the last 10 years.

Vietnam is in fact enjoying the golden time in terms of tourist footfall, and with the pace in which it is progressing, it is expected to sustain the growth.

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